Frequently Asked Questions

What we are often being asked...

In the .media department?

Do you prefer to suggest only the talents you manage at '.martensgarten management' for media plans? No! We always look at each brand and each communication goal individually, to see how we can achieve them. With our strong network we have built up in the past years, we can rely on a lot of potential influencers, especially in Germany. Nevertheless we find new talents for the particular need.

In the .management department?

Can you get me press articles and collaborations? Yes and no. Within the scope of our activities we build up a personality brand. This is based on the environment in which we operate. We don't turn an actor into an influencer and vice versa. Our work is based on the skills that are already available. We develop these further. In addition, there are usually other skills that we encourage in order to further personal development. As a rule, this always results in a starting point for the communication work.

In the .productions department?

What size of projects do you have the capability to do? We can realize both small and large projects. It usually depends solely on the budget and timing.